Complete Growth International Launches Growth Charts™, A Suite Of Easy-To-Use Performance Metrics To Enhance Successful Courtship And Retention Of Valuable Customers And Talented Staff.

Kevin Menk announces today the launch of Complete Growth International, its global network of growth management consultants and its suite of Growth Charts measuring successful courtship of customers and employees.

To achieve and sustain profitable growth, organizations and brands must successfully court new customers and talented staff — one at a time. Each loyal customer and employee was, at one time, simply a desired target, a valuable asset that competing brands hoped to attract and secure.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is imperative to continue the courtship and understand where the individual relationships stand. Complete Growth International, through its suite of Growth Charts, strive to help companies measure what matters.

The Net Promoter Score, introduced more than 10 years ago, was one of the first marketing research tools to simplify what should be asked to understand the potential future relationship. The world continues to change at warp speed thus changing the complexity of relationships and the context required to understand what actions are needed.

“Successful growth occurs one customer at a time. Each prospect must be identified, their attention captured and their interest piqued—essentially “courted” to try the brand. Trial isn’t enough, however. Successful relationships require mutual engagement, continuous need fulfillment and regular feedback. This inherent relationship with customers is the foundation of Growth Charts,” Menk added.

With that in mind, Complete Growth, a US based management consulting firm was formed to encourage widespread use of proven performance metrics that will transform the business, brand and culture and ignite the true potential of an organization.

“An important part of success is how customers share their experiences. The impact of Word of Mouth is no longer limited to casual conversations at a dinner party or business event. Customers and employees increasingly comment on their experiences via social media and/or ratings websites, often using their mobile device to publish their thoughts. Word on Device can make or break a successful brand relationship. Growth Charts captures this influential relationship metric,” Spaulding said.

As part of our global economy, Growth Charts provides a contemporary assessment of relationships with sufficient insights to inspire companies to strengthen both customer and talent relationships.

About Complete Growth International

Complete Growth helps companies around the world grow their business focusing on what matters in the courtship of customers and the retention of talent. Complete Growth International and its global network of consultants can be found at

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Kevin Menk
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