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Growth Charts

To achieve and sustain profitable growth, organizations (brands) must successfully attract new customers and talented staff — one at a time. Each of your loyal customers and employees was at one time simply a desired target — a valuable asset that competing brands hoped to attract and secure.

Growth Charts performance metric tools isolate and track the basic emotive responses that lead to a committed relationship between brand and customer, between organization and employee.

Successful Customer

Break through competitive noise Interest (Capture attention) Trial (I need to check this out)
Competitive advantage (Is this better than other alternatives) WOM (What do I tell others) WOD (word on device) (my digital comments)
Repeat (That was good, I will buy again) Prefer (Do I prefer your brand) Connect (How committed am I)

Successful Talent


Competitive advantage (Is it a better place to work than my other options)

Confident in future of org. (Will I be secure, Is employer relevant and innovative)

WOM/WOD favorable or unfavorable (What have I told others)

Clear direction established (Do I know what is expected of me) Open to new ideas (Are my ideas welcome) Individual’s impact on org. success (Do I know how important my contribution is to profitable growth)
Ready to work each day (Do I look forward to returning each day) Enjoy working here (Do I enjoy my work) Proud of the organization (Do I feel good about this place)

How it works

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  • Complimentary, monthly Courtship publication packed with insights to help you find, attract, engage and retain valuable customers and employees.
  • Free access to videos, webinars, testimonials, case studies and other publications to enhance profitable growth
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