Why Courtship

Courtship — (noun)

    1. A period during which a couple develop a romantic relationship, especially with a view to marriage.
    2. Behavior designed to persuade someone to marry or develop a romantic relationship with one

As we developed Growth Charts — and the Complete Growth Network — we were focused on enabling and empowering organizations to measure what matters: the successful courtship of customers and organizational talent. But why did we choose the word courtship?

Courtship evokes attraction, connection, longevity and commitment. Courtship may sound old-fashioned, but it’s actually forward-focused. An ongoing commitment, courtship is not a one-and-done transaction. Courtship places emphasis on long-lasting connection, well into the future.

Courtship, simply put, means a lasting relationship. It’s ongoing and growing, well into the future.

Courtship begins with identification. Who’s the object of your affection? Your crush, your perfect match? Dating begins with finding that person, putting on romantic blinders and setting your sights on a relationship with that one-and-only.

With both employees and customers, identification kicks off that long-lasting relationship. Organizations identify their target markets . . . and customers identify where they might like to do business. Organizations identify the right talent to become employees, and those who hope to grow their career identify what might be the right workplace for them. Because successful courtship requires mutual attraction, Growth Charts performance metrics isolate and track those basic emotive responses that initiate courtship.

The next step is initiation. Before sparks can fly, there must be a connection. Initiation is that first invitation to dinner, that first coffee date or that first walk in the park. Trust is built and maintained. Initiation sets the courtship in motion, what makes our hearts shift from feet-firmly-planted to head-over-heels.

Strong courtship initiation happens when companies share a clear and compelling vision with employees — and cast that vision from the start. Initiation takes place when companies invite target markets to do business with them, through marketing, word of mouth and so much more. This is where the simple locking of eyes can grow into real chemistry.

Courtship comes full circle with interaction. Spending time with each other is where a relationship can blossom. Interaction means falling in love, getting to know each other’s worlds and connecting on a deep level.

Ongoing commitments are what sustain a business and propel it forward. Healthy, meaningful interactions on a consistent basis with employees and customers keep organizations on the right track for longevity.

Courtship isn’t a buzzword to us. It’s how we’ve designed our suite of metrics, so organizational growth can be measured, and where you are in the courtship process can be made clear. Successful courtship secures a commitment to growth. And Growth Charts equips you to track just that.

Complete Growth International

Complete Growth helps companies around the world grow their business focusing on what matters in the courtship of customers and the retention of talent. Growth Charts provides the metrics and the scores that measure the effectiveness of the Customer Courtship and the Talent Courtship. Complete Growth International and more information on Growth Charts membership can be found at complete-growth.com.

Susan Spaulding

Kevin Menk

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